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It must be difficult being a vengeful ghost-child with a penchant for home video. Sure, it’s all very well and good when you’re Uwe Boll-ing the fuck out of everyone’s video collections, but what happens when you decide you’re tired of being the killing type and you just want some affection? What happens if you [...]

Recently, it seems as though the theme of religion is popping up in more and more horror flicks. Apparently, there’s no end to the amount of stories that can be mined from the relationship between otherwise normal people and God(s). At this year’s Frightfest, there were several, notable films with a religious angle, from the [...]

Little Deaths is billed as an anthology film, comprising of three stories, all exploring the intrinsically linked themes of sex and death. The title itself, from the French slang term for orgasm ‘la petite mort’, is perhaps the cleverest and most interesting thing about this depressing and amateurish affair, however. Unlike traditional anthology films, Little [...]