Episode 63 : Slither

Following their leave of absence, Sarah and Phil are back with a vengeance – with two vengeances no less – to cast their collective gaze over James Gunn’s homage to all things body-horror, Slither! Nodding its tentacle-bedecked head at films from Night of the Creeps to A Nightmare on Elm Street, does it manage to stand on its own two malformed feet, or should it squirm back from whence it came? Tune in to find out…

They also spend some time talking about The Possession, Resurrect Dead, Orange is the New Black, ABCs of Death, American Mary, Girl, Interrupted, Starlet, Jug Face and Byzantium.

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One Comment on “Episode 63 : Slither”

  1. C.T. Mills says:

    The Possession was terrible, absolutely. On the topic of dybbuks, though, have either of you ever watched Paranormal Witness? There’s an episode, which I consider to be the best episode that series has spawned, about a dybbuk box. They do a very good job of explaining the real history of dybbuks…and that’s the end of my ramble.

    Good podcast, guys!

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