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‘Legend of the Mummy‘? The Mummy With The Manicure would be a better title for this film. I’ll explain why later. Bram Stoker’s The Legend of The Mummy is a 90s ‘horror’ – inverted commas necessary – film based on Stoker’s novel The Jewel of the Seven Stars, the same story that Hammer’s Blood From [...]

“Four more years, four more years…..” Way more exciting than the presidential election, we think you’ll agree, is the fact that our little website turned the grand old age of four this month. What started as a modest outfit of just three horror loving pals, has turned into much more than we could ever have [...]

As the festival season continues, Grimmfest have released their full movie program for October’s five day descent into the macabre. With a hearty mix of premieres and classics in store, this year looks to be the best yet. Beginning with a preview night on Wednesday 2nd October, Grimm 2013 runs right through until Sunday 6th [...]

Hoboy. Where do I start? Well conceptually speaking, The ABCs of Death is an anthology movie featuring 26 different directors, each fielding a short film inspired by a word (any word) starting with their given letter of the alphabet. As a concept, this is a great idea; the short film is a wonderful way in [...]

Sophia Monet (Mischa Barton) is having a crisis. Her father has died and she’s had a huge loss of faith. Lost and lonely, she won’t even consider dating anyone… until she literally runs into Adam (Ryan Eggold), a strikingly handsome lover of the paranormal. Things go well – via lots and lots of montages – [...]

From the creators of The Zombies Diaries 1 & 2, The Paranormal Diaries: Clophill focuses on a group of would-be paranormal investigators checking out the allegedly-haunted Clophill church in Bedfordshire. Apparently the site of black magic rituals and multiple-ghost sightings, the team decide to spend a few nights in the ruined church… and live to [...]

To mark the release of Stephen King’s Bag of Bones on DVD on Monday 19th August, we’ve got two copies on DVD to give away! Based on the award-winning bestselling novel by Stephen King, STEPHEN KING’S BAG OF BONES is an unforgettable psychological thriller. Two-time Golden Globe Award nominee Pierce Brosnan (Die Another Day) stars [...]

Atmospheric, creepy and filled with foreboding, The Last Will & Testament of Rosalind Leigh (or TLW&ToRL as I’ll call it… catchy, huh?) has a helluva lot of style seeping from its pores. It is genuinely well crafted and beautifully directed by Rodrigo Gudiño, who manages to eek out tension and uneasiness from one man and [...]

Hot on the heels of their Amnesia : The Dark Descent reaction videos, and by that we mean almost an entire year later, those lazy swines are back with their take on the now infamous Slender Reaction Video. Everyone and their Nan has done it so we’d be remiss not to give it a bash. [...]

The cult movie that launched heartthrob Ryan Gosling into the major league stratosphere is, arguably, one of the bleakest, most beautiful looks at a life of crime this side of The Godfather and, following the release of follow up, Only God Forgives, the discussion surrounding this most un-Hollywood of Hollywood films has jump-started all over [...]

Following up the hugely successful Drive was never going to be an easy task, and it is, therefore, understandable that Only God Forgives feels like a far more complicated film than it actually is, not to mention one whose aspirations far outweigh its own reality. The film reunites director/writer Refn with Ryan Gosling, a man [...]

Following their leave of absence, Sarah and Phil are back with a vengeance – with two vengeances no less – to cast their collective gaze over James Gunn’s homage to all things body-horror, Slither! Nodding its tentacle-bedecked head at films from Night of the Creeps to A Nightmare on Elm Street, does it manage to [...]

Kevin Howarth is a British stage and screen actor who has appeared in films as varied as Razor Blade Smile, Summer Scars, Burlesque Fairytales and The Last Horror Movie. He has also provided voicework for a huge variety of videogames, including Spartan: Total Warrior and The Witcher. Starring in Frightfest 2012’s opening film The Seasoning [...]

Are you bored of found footage films? Yes? Then stop reading. This review is not for you. Devan’s brother is dead. He was one of was 42 people killed by ‘radiation poisoning’ in a downtown LA location. The bodies were never released and the house was sealed off from the outside world. Unsatisfied with the [...]