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In the 62nd episode of The Gorepress Gorecast, Sarah and Phil – along with guest presenter Ben – discuss 2011’s indie flick, Absentia. Taking its cue from The Three Billy Goats Gruff, of all things, it deals with a rather different interpretation of the troll under the bridge…but what did they think of it? Tune [...]

The most banned film of all time. The definitive cannibal movie. The grandfather of found footage. The one that goes all the way. Italian filmmaker Ruggero Deodato’s Cannibal Holocaust has a hell of a reputation preceding it. But now, thirty years later, can it still hold up to a modern horror audience in a post-torture [...]

Six years on from their buddy cop deconstruction, Hot Fuzz, the British nerd’s dream team are back and it’s fitting that they have chosen to close their Blood and Ice Cream trilogy with a tale of five former friends reuniting to, once again, traverse familiar terrain. This is how I imagine that most of us [...]

The Hidden Face (original title “La cara oculta”) is a very difficult film to review without spoiling it. This is a Spanish thriller with a horror tilt and – honestly – if I wasn’t planning to review it I would’ve turned it off halfway through… …. but I’m glad I didn’t switch off. The Hidden [...]

Zalgo. The Rake. Slenderman. To the uninitiated, these names may just sound like a crappy version of the Avengers, but to the initiated they, along with countless other characters, movies and images, all have a particular significance. They have one thing in common…they are all examples of creepypasta. “But Phil,” I hear you cry. “what [...]

It’s not everyday you get to combine the terms ‘horror’ and ‘romantic comedy’, so at first glance, I was a little hesitant when I sat down to Warm Bodies. I am a huge fan of director Jonathan Levine’s beautiful 50/50, and I hoped we’d see more of his unique quirkiness. It should be stated early [...]

After a lacklustre CCTV-cam opener featuring a prisoner going a bit nuts and floating, we’re taken to present day Sadovich in Russia, where a bunch of British filmmakers are wandering through the blue-tinted Russian woods. They’re there to film the latest episode of the “Darkest Secrets” reality television programme, a series which delves into bizarre [...]

To mark the release of The Last Will And Testament Of Rosalind Leigh on Monday 5th August through Metrodome Distribution, we’ve got three copies on DVD to give away! After inheriting his estranged mother’s house, Leon is about to spend his first night there but is disturbed to discover that she had devoted her home [...]

In this 61st episode of The Gorepress Gorecast, your fearless hosts sink pointed, rabid teeth into a frank discussion of Neil Jordan’s lycanthropic cautionary tale The Company Of Wolves. Did they love it or loathe it? Did it leave a lasting impression heralded by a full-moon-inspired change? Can the lead actress really be only twelve?! [...]

Naughty naughty American government. Another one of their secret biochemical research programmes has gone wrong. “Project K” has accidentally unleashed a zombie(ish) apocalypse on a small eastern European town – whoops! – and the evil General Carter (Carl Wharton) has decided on one course of action; detonate a nuke in the local power-plant. Problem solved. [...]

The story of paranormal investigator couple Ed and Lorraine Warren is truly fascinating. A demonologist and clairvoyant respectively, the two were involved in the study of multiple cases of “hauntings” in the US, including the infamous Amityville. Their work so impacted on their lives, in fact, that Lorraine keeps a room of tokens, gained along [...]

In 2012 a trailer was released that promised so much. For me personally, it was like they’d reached into the deepest, geekiest part of my brain, and decided to put everything I wanted to see into a single film. We were teased with a narrative by the oh so familiar Charlie ‘Jax Teller’ Hunnam of [...]

In 2005, a teaser for an upcoming film did the rounds on the internet. It showed pictures of a swamp, various indecipherable noises and the voice of a little girl telling the story of a man named Victor Crowley. The response to the clip was positive and one year later the film, entitled Hatchet, was [...]

In the 60th episode of the Gorecast, Phil and Sarah treat you to a detailed discussion of Pascal Laugier‘s The Tall Man. Did they love it or loathe it? Did Jessica Biel’s perma-sullen face become too annoying? Do they get increasingly frustrated at the total absence of Angus Scrimm? Is it even a horror film? [...]

Like many, I discovered Adrzej Zulawski‘s Possession through its inclusion on the original Video Nasties list. Being 16 and familiar with gialli and the decadent excesses of European cinema, I felt that I was prepared. Let me tell you this; I wasn’t. 22 years later, I’m still not sure if I’m ready for this film. [...]

To mark the release of Apocalypse Z on Monday 1st July, we’ve got three copies on DVD to give away! When a bacteriological weapon the US government have been developing in secret accidentally causes a zombie outbreak in a small town in Eastern Europe, the US President approves a plan to cover up the incident. [...]

Claustrophobia is, thankfully, not something from which I suffer. That’s not to say I enjoy being stuck in small spaces, I just don’t go crazy when forced to do so. Being thrust headfirst into a pool of angry sharks, however, wouldn’t exactly be my idea of fun. In comparison, though, I’d much rather that than [...]

Hey intrepid podcast fans, this week Phil and Sarah discuss not one, but two films in Episode 59. Taking time to discuss 2009′s The Hole in depth, they also shift focus to a worthy companion piece in the form of 1987′s The Gate. Along the way, they also have a chat about Nick Broomfield, A [...]