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I’ve been led to believe that Silent Hill is the most frightening of gaming franchises. Having not played them, I can only imagine. My exposure to puzzle-based survival horror stopped at the first Resident Evil game when I realised that I had a hard time finding a connection with these characters due to their limited [...]

I think it’s important to first of all state that, as my bio describes, I have a massive thing for all thing monster related. So when I heard about Thale, a Norwegian monster movie centred around the mythical Scandinavian creature the ‘Huldra’, I was filled with mixed emotions. I was excited that something I had [...]

“It’s a full moon. I don’t know, maybe it’s like when you need to take a piss or something, I don’t know. When you gotta go, you gotta fucking go.” “Yeah, well maybe it’s more like needing a shite. Just cos you need one doesn’t mean you drop your kegs and pinch one off.” In [...]

Before Barry Levinson there was only one Bay I disliked and his name was Michael. Now I can add Levinson’s eco-horror The Bay to my massive list of Bay’s that I don’t really like… In 2009 the small town of Chesapeake Bay, Maryland was befallen with a horrible tragedy that killed hundreds of people. The [...]

Phew! 247°F is hot! I mean the temperature, not this movie. The movie is lukewarm at best and – at worst – a tepid snooze-fest. It is possibly the least tense horror film ever made. No matter how much you like people in swimwear, 247°F will leave you cold. The plot is screamingly simple: three [...]

This past weekend, i was lucky enough to nab myself a ticket to London Super Comic Con, at the ExCeL centre. Being a huge fan of all things comic related since the age of about 10, and even having one of my pieces about a girl falling in love with a tree published (don’t hate, it was [...]

Silence, ye of pesky little faith who were too busy whining about Dante’s new haircut to try this game for yourself. You go away. The rest of you please, come hither, grab a comfortable chair and let me tell you the story of when a Western Developer kicked Japan’s arse.