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For the final week of Guest Picks month, we roped in one of the Gorecast’s best friends to come and chat with Sarah and Jamie at the Gorecastle. Zombiehamster’s Colin McCracken graced us with his presence, with his choice of feature discussion in the shape of Dario Argento’s Phenomena. In our preliminary discussions, he suggested [...]

Astron-6, the team behind Troma-released splatter festival Father’s Day, are back with a new feature and it is everything you hoped it would be and more. From what I gather, Manborg was shot in a garage with a green screen and an ass-ton of ingenuity. Utilising the core members of the Astron-6 team, along with [...]

By : Ben Aaronovitch Publisher: Gollancz Available in: Hardback, softback, e-reader Peter Grant is just coming to the end of his two year probation as a constable with the Metropolitan police. Probies always get the shit jobs. So it’s no real surprise that he finds himself, on a cold rainy night in January, guarding the [...]

Genre: Action/Adventure Developer: Arkane Studios Platform: PS3, Windows, Xbox 360 Release Date: October 2012 Version Reviewed: PS3 Following the release of an absolutely stunning debut trailer in April of last year, I’d had my eye on Arkane Studio’s Dishonored for quite some time; so when Christmas of 2012 rolled around and I found myself with [...]

For week three of Guest Picks Month, we invited filmmaker Jamie Hooper to join us in the Gorecastle to chat movies and disagree on stuff. Hooper is the writer/director of Plastic Love, a fetishistic love story about obsession and loss which will be doing the festival circuit in 2013. For Jamie’s featured film, he picked [...]

It’s week two of Guest Picks month and this week our guest is a twofer, part horror writer, part podcaster, all man; Kelley is the second angriest member of the Night of the Living Podcast crew, as well as the author of a collection of ‘suburban horror’ short stories in his book These Lonely Places. [...]

Hollow follows four unfortunate souls who take a holiday in the quaint town of Dunwich, deep in the heart of the Sussex countryside. Between fits of melodrama, the foursome decide to explore the local legend of the ominous hollow tree, that has caused the apparent ‘suicide’ of dozens of victims. Delving into this ancient myth [...]

I have a lot of respect for anyone who has enough impetus, drive and ambition to get a movie made. In fact, just yesterday, I had a discussion on the subject with a fellow film fan. What I cannot find it in me to respect, however, is a dull addition to a rapidly declining franchise [...]

 “I bet the view atop Suzuran is breathtaking. Let’s go get it” Released in 2007, Crows Zero is the movie adaptation of the cult Manga of the same name; a highly popular series which gained notoriety for its graphic violence and highly appealing characters. The film itself follows the same frenetic pace, and does not [...]

In an attempt to piggyback on the success of other podcasters and professionals in the industy, we’re embarking on a month of guest reviewers. Each guest we welcome over into the Gorecastle brings with them a film selection that they want to share with both us and you. Kicking off the month, we are delighted [...]

Remember Italy? At one point, their chief export was sleazy gore movies made on a shoestring. In the early 90s, that seemed to come to a close. The Gore Farms shut up shop and all those fabulous directors joined the unemployment line. Well, that’s how it looked to the rest of the world at least. A [...]

Nothing makes me roll my eyes at a horror film poster quite like the phrase “Based on True Events”. It always makes me think of Sidney J. Furie’s The Entity which starts out creepy enough, but ends up in a spectacular farce that involves the team of paranormal investigators building a glass replica of the possessed [...]

Don Coscarelli, in his 36 year tenure in moviemaking, has made 10 movies. Six of those are in the horror genre. Four of them are the Phantasm series. Almost half of his filmmaking catalogue is a classic horror franchise. That’s pretty impressive. Add to this the fact that his Tall Man is one of the [...]

What can I say about Piranhaconda? It’s 70% hilarious fun, 20% dull and 10% full of filler. Luckily it’s also 100% self-knowing, which saves this from being another po-faced, frustrating mess of a ‘horror’ film. So what’s it about? Does it even matter?! Well, for those who care, the plot is this: Professor Lovegrove (a [...]

Join us in the Two Tubs pub in Bury for this placeholder podcast because the show we had planned fell apart at the last minute. You read it right, Jamie and Sarah are in the same room. Not since October’s Grimm Fest have they occupied the same space and recorded it for you aural pleasure. [...]