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People of Gorepress, I stand before you as a man of the future. I have seen the ravaged plains of 2013 and it’s not pretty. The Mayans got their calculations wrong by a few weeks, we’re all going tits up in the first week of February. 2012 was the final full year of human civilisation, [...]

WARNING : INCLUDES SPOILERS! “Candyman, Candyman, Candyman, Candyman………Candyman.” As far as modern book-to-film adaptations go, Clive Barker has been pretty damn prolific over the years. If it were a race, he’d be holding his own admirably and keeping a steady pace, beaten only by heavyweights Lovecraft and King, with Ketchum and Koontz bringing up the [...]

An apt way to end the month of high school slasher films, Sarah and Jamie discuss 1981 horror spoof, Student Bodies. A movie that effectively lampoons everything else we have watched this month, what could be more fitting? Along with the detailed discussion of this week’s cult classic we also give you a super special [...]

Type: Third Person Adventure Developer: Shiver Games Platform: PC Release Date: 26th October 2012 A bunch of very naughty people performed a ritual. Six years and (approximately) nine months later, it turns out that the son of a senator is actually the son of the devil. Hmmm… This may be a good idea for a [...]

In the third semester of High School Horror Month, the Gorecast examination board take a look at Herb Freed‘s by-the-numbers slasher entry Graduation Day to see if it is allowed to graduate or whether it is doomed to a summer of studying. Featuring a cast of instantly recognisable faces, including Linnea Quigley, this flick divides [...]

Type: Platformer Developer: Playdead Platform: Windows, Mac OSX, Xbox 360, PS3, Linux Release Date: July 2010 Version Reviewed: Windows A nameless boy, merely a silhouette against a ghostly background, awakens, eyes aglow, in a nightmarish, hostile world, unarmed and helpless; and you are equipped with nothing but the knowledge that the boy is courageously trying [...]

Semester two of High School Horror month is upon us, and it’s already time for our junior prom. Join us as we dust off dad’s old powder blue tux and feverishly pick out the cheapest corsage as we delve into the world of 1980s Canadian slasher, Prom Night. For extra credit, we take a look [...]

Manchester’s premier purveyors of horror, Grimm Up North, are back with a couple of screenings to keep you screaming through the holidays. Grimm are presenting two screenings this month that contain a mix seasonal classics and future classics. Kicking off on the 14th December with a double bill presentation of this year’s much-discussed V/H/S and [...]

Another month, another theme. This month, us good folks at the Gorecast are taking on the might of High School Horror. Expect much hacking, slashing, bullying, aging people passing themselves off as much younger and vaguely inappropriate shower scenes. And that’s before we watch the movies! First up on the docket is 1986 slash-comedy, Slaughter [...]

After a rather lengthy absence, the Gorementary crew are back with their not-so-unique brand of witty observational commentary, this time for a rather tardy addition to New French Extremity Month, in the form of Alexandre Aja’s Switchblade Romance. Did we love it? Did we hate it? Did we spend the whole time being vaguely racist [...]