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A while back, Phil reviewed a little game called Amnesia : The Dark Descent. Giving it a rave review, it piqued the collective Gorepress interest and about a month ago, the Gorementary crew decided to tackle it head on and film it for posterity, and hopefully, your amusement. If you’ve got a suggestion for a game [...]

There are 666 portals on Earth that connect this world with the ‘other side’.  At  the 444th portal, located in the mysterious Forest of Resurrection, Japan, a nameless convict, a girl, a ragtag bunch of gangsters, and a protagonist known only as ‘the man’ are unwittingly drawn together in this mysterious forest. Throw a seemingly [...]

We thought about wrapping up New French Extremity Month with a screwball comedy about French clowns who spend their off days picking flowers and dancing through fields. Somewhere along the line, wey instead decided that a brutally visceral film about the nature of revenge might be a bit more fun. And now, here we are; [...]

In order to celebrate Halloween this year in true Gorepress style, Sarah, Matt and I found ourselves at Canterbury’s Gulbenkian Cinema, watching a double bill of Stanley Kubrick’s seminal The Shining and 2012’s documentary on the film, Room 237. Sarah has talked at great length about The Shining here so I’ve been lumbered – did [...]

New French Extremity Month takes an even darker turn than expected with pregnancy trauma flick, Inside. A battle of wits between two people; one is evil, the other is just a bit of a dick. Sounds kind of familiar, no? As always, our in-depth discussion of the film is preceded by some quick fire reviews [...]

Twas the night before Christmas 1947 and Santa Claus is laying presents under little Harry Stadling’s Christmas tree. Unfortunately for Harry presents aren’t the only thing Santa wants to lay tonight and – having gone to bed – Harry sneaks down to find his mother getting fondled by jolly St Nick… which is bad news [...]

As a former West Yorkshire resident, it was fairly well documented in the village of Hebden Bridge (which I once called Home) that one local resident, Emmerdale‘s Dominic Brunt, was a huge fan of zombie cinema. The TV vet, both in terms of his character in the Yorkshire soap and his long term status on [...]

After a lackluster trailer, you could be forgiven for thinking Pascal Laugier had gone all sell out on us. The trailer for The Tall Man looked identical to the myriad other lazy horror trailers that I spend my life avoiding on the off chance I want to watch one of these films and don’t want to know [...]

After much hype and a long road, I finally found my way to a copy of the Soska Sisters’ inaugural film, Dead Hooker in a Trunk. You’ve all seen it by now, so this review might be moot. But I’m writing it anyway. Dead Hooker in a Trunk is an everyday cautionary tale of four [...]

Killer Joe is one of those Marmite movies that will split audiences in two. You’ll either loathe it or enjoy it (to varying degrees). I doubt anyone will think “well, that was kind of okay”. Killer Joe is dark, twisted, encapsulating, bizarre and superbly crafted. Adapted from a play by Tracy Letts (who also writes [...]

The Day is a simple but relatively effective story of human nature in an extreme situation. It’s well acted, well executed and directed competently but is let down by some poor dialogue and inconsistent pacing. Let me start by saying one thing; The Day is the Ashley Bell show. There are other actors in the [...]

We’re back for another week of New French Extremity Month! And this week, we’re gonna french your ears good with our review of Ils (or Them, if you’re in anywhere but France). Will we love it? Will we hate it? Will we spend a long time comparing it to the US film, The Strangers? You [...]

So after a busy period of special shows, we’re back to the original format with the help of some of our Gaulish friends. This week as part of our New French Extremity Month, we’re covering Xavier Gens‘ Frontier(s). Banned in at least one country, Frontier(s) is a torture flick with some bite. But did we [...]

Dead Roots Issue 1 is out now! Dead what? Dead Roots is a bumper-sized zombie comic anthology that is published quarterly through Apple’s NewsStand App (With a Kindle version currently in development). Based during the initial outbreak of a zombie plague in Britain (and the rest of the world, but mostly Britain), the anthology focuses [...]

The Night Child is a haunting, bizarre little horror film from Italian giallo director Massimo Dallamano. It has an infectious score and a creepy performance from lead actress Nicoletta Elmi, but it never quite exceeds expectations. Not really conforming to giallo tropes, The Night Child suffers from a slow pace and obvious plotting, but is [...]