Manborg gets new poster!

I’m sure you heard how much we loved the Troma release of Astron-6‘s previous flick, Father’s Day, over at the Gorecast just a few weeks ago. Well Astron-6 are back with a new micro-budget retro feast for fans of classic B movies in the shape of Manborg!

Having lit up London Sci-Fi Film Festival this year, Manborg garnered rave reviews and I am extremely excited to see more madness from the Astron-6 team.

Here’s the poster, just try and tell me that you don’t want to see this movie. I will happily call you a goddamn liar.

Look at it. It says everything you need to know about this movie and so much more. The font reminds me of mid-90s Ethan Embry virtual reality vehicle Evolver (the VHS even features a shadowy figured with a laser eye), but with a thousand gallons of 80s badassness piled on top for extra effect.

Here is the plot as described in the press release from Astron-6:

The brainchild of 70s and 80s film fanatic Steve Kostanski, Manborg is the result of three years of committed work by a team of retro b-film enthusiasts on an eye-wateringly small budget of $1000. Created, according to Canadian director Kostanski, “on an almost nonexistent budget… and a creative use of free stuff (in other words, digging through dumpsters)” Manborg fuses the grungy aesthetic of the classic VHS with Kostanski’s passion for sci-fi and action movies with “cool covers”.
With a cast of unknown actors, and happily willing volunteers, Manborg is set in the future where Nazi demons led by the nefarious Count Draculon and his minions rise from the bowels of Hell and take over the planet. A rag tag group of rebels fight back but their rebellion is effectively crushed, leaving nothing but scorched earth on which the Hellions plan to build their new world. After a personal confrontation with the Count, a soldier is blasted into oblivion only to awake in the dark future to find most of his body replaced with cybernetic enhancements. A mysterious inventor has turned his bloodied remains into Manborg, cyborg of destruction.

I don’t know if this is just me, but I am super stoked for more throwback fun with this gang of folks. I won’t have to wait too long either, because a DVD is hitting UK stores on 7th Jan 2013. If you were lucky enough to see it play at any of the other festivals it hit on Manborg’s rampage around the UK then I am supremely jealous of you. Attendees at next week’s Abertoir Film Festival in Aberystwyth still have the chance to catch it before the DVD release.

Before I leave you, take a look at the trailer for what is sure to be next years low-budget sci-fi smash!

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