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It’s here. Goth Christmas is upon us, and this year at the Gorepress Gorecast we celebrate in the most stylish way we could think of: getting drunk in our own homes while talking to people via the internet. Bringing together all the contributors to both the Gorecast and the Gorementaries to deliver a mammoth show [...]

I’m sure you heard how much we loved the Troma release of Astron-6‘s previous flick, Father’s Day, over at the Gorecast just a few weeks ago. Well Astron-6 are back with a new micro-budget retro feast for fans of classic B movies in the shape of Manborg! Having lit up London Sci-Fi Film Festival this year, Manborg [...]

Based on a short film, Excision is the darkly comic, disturbing and thoroughly compelling tale of Pauline; a social outcast with a pushy Mother, a sister with Cystic Fibrosis, an obsession with both blood and surgery and the Worlds worst eyebrows. It’s visually arresting, exceptionally well acted and mind blowingly different to anything else I’ve [...]

Back again with more reporting from the edge, Jamie and Sarah bring you a second batch of reviews and interviews from Manchester’s number one horror festival. In this installment, we are joined by Pollyanna McIntosh, Ross Noble, Juan Martinez Moreno, Paddy from Emmerdale, and many more. Also reviews of Below Zero, Rites Of Spring, Before [...]

To mark the release of Basket Case trilogy from 22nd October, we’ve got one copy of the trilogy on limited-edition steelbook Blu Ray to give away! Following the huge success of The Return Of The Living Dead, Second Sight Films now bring the wonderfully warped Basket Case – The Trilogy to special edition Blu-ray and [...]

The premise is a simple one; on his 10th birthday party Tommy accidentally kills a rubbish clown called Stitches, impaling his face on a knife (ouch!). Six years later – and haunted by the incident – Tom hosts a 16th birthday party with ‘some’ of his friends. ‘Some’ means ‘his entire school’ including some unsavoury [...]

Lovely Molly is an encapsulating and bizarre horror film that is both demented and disturbing and features an awesome central performance from Gretchen Lodge. Unfortunately it is also a little meandering and leaves more questions than it should. When newlywed Molly (Gretchen Lodge) moves into her childhood home with husband Tim (Johnny Lewis) she’s hoping [...]

After a harrowing weekend of horrors trapped inside an abandoned movie theatre in the desolate Manchester City Centre, only this recording remained. (Well, this one and next weeks recording too…) What happened on that fateful weekend that shook Manchester to its very core? Basically, some people watched some films, met some celebs and drank too [...]

I’ve never seen James Cameron’s Titanic and, I’ll be honest, a large part of the reason that I’ve never seen it was due to the distinct lack of zombie action.  If you think about it, there are many great films that miss out on a chance of some really solid undead opportunities.  Gone with the [...]

To mark the release of Lovely Molly on DVD from 22nd October, we’ve got three copies of the film on DVD to give away! From the director of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT comes LOVELY MOLLY, a hauntingly terrifying account of one woman’s struggle to overcome a dark presence that haunts her. When newlywed Molly returns [...]

Apartment 143 is creepy, disturbing, well-made, brilliantly acted and bloody terrifying. Unfortunately it’s also overblown, occasionally boring and utterly ridiculous in places. Alan White (Kai Lennox) is having a bad year. His wife died in a car crash and then his house suddenly became haunted, possibly by his wife. Disturbed by the weird happenings, he [...]

The Thompsons is the direct sequel to The Hamiltons (2006), so if you haven’t seen The Hamiltons then this review will be spoilerific. But is it worth watching in the first place? The Hamiltons is a strange little indie flick that perhaps thinks it’s a lot more intelligent than it really is. It’s certainly entertaining, [...]

We’re rounding off Troma Month here at Gorecast Towers, with a commentary track for 1989′s Tromasterpiece Beware! Children At Play. It clearly has just about the best title ever to grace a VHS cover but what did we think of the actual movie? You’ll have to listen to find out! As always, please send any [...]

Anti-hero Lloyd returns home fresh from a three month stretch in the local chokey to reunite with his pregnant girlfriend and their repugnant group of pseudo-friends. They have a plan to infiltrate their dilapidated old flat block so they can install a pirate radio aerial for a drug dealing DJ. Inside the block lurks a [...]

It’s the last week of Troma month, and we’re seeing out the theme in style. It’s time to load up on your PTSD meds because we’re going grim with Tro-masterpiece, Combat Shock. With some bonus chat about what Troma means to us, this episode is ear porn for Troma fans. Apologies Gorecast fans for the [...]

Type: TPS (Third Person Shooter) / Adventure Developer: Capcom Platform: Xbox360, PS3, PC Release Date: 2nd October 2012 Version Reviewed: Xbox360 If you don’t know about the Resident Evil franchise, shame on you. SHAME! There have been a gazillion games (oh, only 5… Really? Feels like more), a bunch of films (a couple of which [...]

Perhaps not the best reaction to important news, My Ex begins with this loving conversation: “Ken, we’re going to have a baby.” “What? Are you crazy?” Ken (Shahkrit Yamnarm) isn’t pleased by this news. So displeased that he unceremoniously dumps his pregnant girlfriend. What a gent! What’s worse is that Ken was also cheating on [...]

The Lost Episode is a laughably terrible, hugely mismarketed, giant horror cliché. It makes no sense, is poorly acted, appallingly scripted and simply very very dull. I’ve had scarier trips to the toilet. Abandoned mental institutions have become the new clichéd place to make a horror film. From The House of Haunted Hill to The [...]

We Are The Night is a hugely entertaining German vampire horror that focuses on a trio of horrible vampire-bitches who – somewhat accidentally – add a fourth member to their group. It is sharply made, beautifully directed and surprisingly well acted. Unfortunately the film’s purposeless may bore some audiences looking for more ‘story’, but this [...]

True crime novelist Ellison Osborne (Ethan Hawke) has lied to his family… and it’s a BIG lie. His first novel sold fantastically well but his later works failed to catch the spirit of the first, so as a last resort he decided to move his wife and two kids into the home of a family [...]

For week three of Troma Month, we check in with Uncle Lloyd’s friends from north of the border with Canada’s own retrotastic Father’s Day. We do the usual movie conversation stuff, with added Troma-worship for good measure. Not to break with tradition, we go through a list of the stuff we’ve been watching lately, along [...]

This weekend I was lucky enough to go to the 5th annual Eurogamer Expo down in London to test out an entire buffet of upcoming videogame titles. I only got a demo-sized taste of them, but they left me with a lot to ponder. So if you’re wondering what to look out for this season, here’s my hit list of horror.

Yes kids, it’s finally that magical time of the year! Time to start carving those motherfucking pumpkins, kid, and sliding the razor blades into the fun-size Mars bars. It’s almost trick or treat o’clock! Over the years, the run up to Halloween has been signaled by one momentous tradition. You all know what I’m talking [...]

To mark the release of Attack of the Werewolves on Blu-ray and DVD from 8 October, we’ve got three copies of the film on DVD to give away! 1910. In a remote village, a terrible curse has fallen on the evil Marchioness of Marino and her son – transforming him into a blood-thirsty werewolf who [...]

A brief and demented history lesson at the beginning of Attack of the Werewolves tells of a gypsy curse heaped on the Spanish town of Arga, where the Marchioness’s son is turned into werewolf when he turns ten. Why? Because the Marchioness raped a gypsy knifethrower in order to get pregnant… then killed him and [...]