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It begins like any 80′s slasher flick would; a bunch of loathsome students drink, snort cocaine and talk about sex. Except – to up the hateful – they’re a bunch of plummy-voiced, affluent snobs. When timid Felix (Tom Kane) is humiliated and face-punched by arrogant nob-basket Chris (Jack Gordon) during a bout of Truth or [...]

The last director in our Trash Kings month is Jim Wynorski, and a review of his bots-gone-wild flick, Chopping Mall. Expect the usual banter about his predilection for working with ladies of dubious morality, his pun titles that put Jamie to shame, and exactly what we thought of his Killbots. The swag competition is still [...]

Joining Sarah, Rosie and Phil for this week’s Gorementary extravaganza is games reviewer Nicola! We decided to take that idea and run with it, reviewing game adaptation Alone In The Dark. As usual, we tackle the important issues such as the realities of Tara Reid being a realistic archaeologist, making uninvited sexual advances to a [...]

Ting (Pitchanart Sakakorn) desperately wants to be an actor. She takes classes, she practices relentlessly and even appears as a gleeful audience member in some weird gameshow. By lucky coincidence a police officer overhears her talking about acting at a café and – in a surprise move – offers her a job. As what? This [...]

It’s been years since any found footage movies have taken the world of celluloid by storm so colour me excited when I heard about Aussie mockumentary The Tunnel. Oh wait, no, the opposite of that. Despite my trepidation at the prospect of another familiar re-tread of the same old shaky cam/night vision ground, The Tunnel [...]

THE TUNNEL is coming to DVD on Monday 6th August and this is your chance to win a copy! They went down into the tunnels looking for a story – until the story found them. When heading into a tunnel you know you will see daylight on the other side, but the government abandoned train [...]

The Manchester horror movie festival have only gone and announced the first three flicks for this year’s celebration of new and classic horror, and let me tell you this; We at Gorepress are chomping at the bit in anticipation of October’s festival. And after hearing these announcements, we’re sure you will be too! Here at [...]