Frightfest 2012 – Be Prepared, Be Very Prepared

“What the hell is this list?!”

Well, these are the films Gorepress’s Sarah and Boston have watched in the past MONTH.

Yes, in preparation for Frightfest 2012 we’ve both trawled through nearly 50 horrors films – old, new, awesome and terrible – to get Gorepress in the mood for Frightfest the 13th!

Sarah & Matt will be going full-out on Friday 24th whilst Boston has trumped up £160 for the entire 5 days of horror film madness.

WAIT! What the hell is Frightfest?!

Okay, for those who don’t know, I’ll copy and paste something I wrote on here last year. Yeah, I’m plagiarising myself right in your face:

Well, Frightfest is an annual horror film festival held in central London over the August bank holiday weekend and brings together some of the newest, freshest horror films to hordes of ravenous horror fans. Originally conceived in 2000 by Paul McEvoy, Ian Rattray and Alan Jones, it was initially held at everyone’s favourite cinema The Prince Charles on Leicester Square. It has moved home twice in a decade and is now held in the absolutely massive Empire Leicester Square.

Frightfest has premiered, previewed and exclusived hundreds of films, including the classic likes of Pan’s Labyrinth, Pitch Black, Donnie Darko, Oldboy, Severance, controversial boundary-pushers such as Audition, Martyrs and The Human Centipede and absolute bollocks like Dead Cert and Lesbian Vampire Killers. They’ve had guests as varied as Guillermo Del Toro, George A. Romero, John Landis, Eli Roth and Rob Zombie, icons and auteurs, new faces and ancient ones. Even Uwe Boll turned up for some reason.

This year Dario fucking Argento is there. THAT’S how epic this festival is.

This year is a special Frightfest, because it’s the 13th year of the festival, a number all horror fans with associate with an unstoppable killer in a big hockey mask.

For more information on all things Frightfest, head HERE

For a full line-up of this year’s Frightfest films, head HERE

Gorepress will be delving into the film selection at Frightfest in the next week, looking at must-watches and all the events in and around it.

Today Gorepress explores your mental preparation for Frightfest – how to be prepared for this epic festival. Want to know the secret?


Simple! Nothing gets you into the Frightfest mood like watching a tonne of horror films! Trust us, we know.

So what does Gorepress recommend you whack on in preparation of the big event next weekend?! Here goes…


Why?! Severance writer James Moran has written the scripts for two (read ‘em! TWO) of the films coming out at Frightfest this year, including the closing film! Cockneys vs Zombies gets it World Premiere on Thursday and Tower Block kills off the festival on Friday with another World Premiere, so get in the mood for more sharp dialogue, gore, violence and (sadly) absolutely no Danny Dyer! You’ll get over it. Also, the Frightfest “Quiz from Hell” is being hosted by the awesome Andy Nyman, who plays the desperately pathetic Gordon in Severance… well worth a watch.


Why?! The Descent is one of the many films special effects maestro Paul Hyett has worked on over the past decade and he’s responsible for the festival’s opening film The Seasoning House (another World Premiere!), representing his move into writing and directing. Also, Neil Marshall will be at Frightfest, so show him some respect and watch his best film!


Why?! Dario Argento is this year’s Total Film Icon, with a live interview and a screener of one of his classic films. Get in the mood with one of his superb classics!

[REC] and [REC]2

Why?! Well [REC]3 is playing at Frightfest 2012. I don’t really have to explain this one, do I? ALSO, the co-director and co-writer of the first two [REC] films (Jaume Balagueró) has directed the Sleep Tight¸ which is getting its UK premiere.


Why?! Again, the sequel is being played at Frightfest! Outpost II: Black Sun is coming to unleash more undead Nazis on screen. Watch the first to get an idea


Why?! Frightfest 2012 is hosting the world premiere of the direct sequel to this 2006 nasty little horror – The Thompsons. Watching The Hamiltons first is highly recommended, so you can ‘get to know the family’ before Frightfest unleashes them again…


Why?! Geeky hobbit Elijah Wood last appeared as a psychopath in Robert Rodriguez’s awesome comic-book adaptation Sin City and at Frightfest he’s going all-out insane in the much-anticipated remake of Maniac. Forget hairy feet and lembas bread, this is Elijah unleashed.


What?! This is a restaurant, not a film!! Yep, but nothing will get you in the mood more for the insane Japanese film Dead Sushi, in which these little fish dishes become zombiefied and go on a killer rampage… Seriously. Eat some before this film puts you off sushi forever.


Why?! Dead Hooker creators The Soska Sisters return with a preview of their brutal horror American Mary, featuring Ginger Snaps’ Katharine Isabelle. Watch their debut feature!


Why?! Drag Me to Hell director Sam Raimi goes all-out producer for the nasty-postered Possession, which could be seriously horrible (and hopefully won’t be The Rite).

Right… now go and watch these films. Now! You need to prepare for Frightfest!!

“But I can’t make Frightfest! You’re just rubbing your dick in my face!”

Don’t fret, because the lovely people at Film 4 are accompanying this awesome festival with a host of films on their Film 4 channel over the next two weeks! You can have your own private Frightfest, without us. Which is fine. We didn’t want an invite anyway…

Film 4 are screening dozens of films on their Freeview channel (and on Sky), including many films that’ve previously appeared at Frightfest.

“What films exactly?” There’s loads! For a full line-up go HERE

To save you the trouble of clicking on a link and working things out for yourself, Gorepress has kindly picked the best of the Film 4 line-up over the next fortnight, with some links to our full reviews:

Thursday 16th August (TONIGHT!)

21:00Frozen – 8.5/10 Skulls (“Basically, you should see this film”)

22:50Thirst – 9/10 Skulls – (“Essential viewing”)

Friday 17th August

01:05Dawn of the Dead 2004 – some hate it, we love it. A superb remake of an absolute classic. It’s a blast.

Saturday 18th August

23:35Hansel & Gretel – a superbly disturbing little twist on the classic fairy tale.

01:50 The Disappeared – get your Harry Treadaway fix before he appears in Cockneys vs Zombies! Also stars Tom ‘Malfoy’ Felton.

Sunday 19th August

01:00 – Confessions – hugely thought-provoking and very twisted horror about a teacher taking revenge on a class full of children…

Monday 20th August

21:00 The Last Exorcism – 8/10 Skulls (“fantastically created and very scary”)

22:45F – 7/10 Skulls (“a quality British horror film”)

00:20 – Ils (Them) – claustrophobic French horror film with a nasty twist

Tuesday 21st August

00:05The Crazies remake – 7/10 Skulls (“a brutal, enjoyable, cunningly nihilistic film”)

Wednesday 22nd August

23:05 Audition – a nerve-wrangling Japanese horror-thriller, which begins slowly and ends unimaginably horribly. Brilliant, horrendous stuff.

Thursday 23rd August

23:05Mother – 7/10 Skulls (“well directed, acted and visually stunning”)

01:35Frozen – 8.5/10 Skulls (“Basically, you should see this film”)  – yes, again. They repeated it! Watch it twice!!

Friday 24th August

22:55Carriers – “This film will make you unhappy

Saturday 25th August

01:35The Loved Ones – 8.5/10 Skulls (“brutal, twisted, darkly comic and thoroughly enjoyable”)

Sunday 26th August

22:45The Final Destination (watch it drunk) – “swift, bloody, popcorn-chomping stuff”

Monday 27th August

00:05 – The Descent – one of the best horror films ever made. If you haven’t seen it, watch it with the lights down and the sound turned up: brilliant, brutal, bloody, terrifying stuff.

“But I want to go to Frightfest!”

No problem! There are still tickets available for some of the Frightfest the 13th screenings, so go check it out!

Held at the massive EMPIRE CINEMA in Leicester Square – go to the dedicated Frightfest Films page HERE

Gorepress will be focusing on some of the Frightfest films, related horrors and the social aspect of this insane event over the next week, in preparation for the absolute madness that is this awesome horror film festival.

Be prepared.

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      Wow. Thanks JJ! Really appreciate your thoughts on my ‘write up’. Hopefully see you a Frightfest? You seem like a great guy!

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      I am in your debt.

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    Great write up, so jealous, sounds like it will be amazing!
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