Episode 14 : XTRO

Week two of Homegrown Horror month takes us to XTRO, the notorious sci-fi horror with a streak of sick through the middle.


Will Jamie and Sarah give it the respect it deserves? Who is that third voice in the background? Why it’s Rosie, of course. Rosie joins us to talk XTRO and mock Sarah.

We also take a look at some of the best British horror flicks from the decade that Jamie was born in (We covered Sarah’s decade last week…) from Inseminoid to American Werewolf in London.

Don’t forget: We want your feedback. Best British horror lists, recommendations, corrections, etc. If it pertains to horror born of this great nation known as Great Britain, then we want it. Send it over to podcast@gorepress.com. Don’t forget to like the facebook page: facebook.com/gorecast.

We’ll catch you again next week,


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