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Welcome back, dear listeners, to the Gorepress Gorecast! On this week’s episode we dive head first into Homegrown Horror throughout the ages starting with our 70s pick, Frightmare. We also take a quick glance at British horror from the 70s, along with briefly discussing AIDs, Olivia Newton John, Supernatural, cannibalism, and sweet classic suits. As [...]

I’m confident that, as a 29 year old female, I’m not what the makers had in mind as a target demographic for this Canadian horror-comedy but despite that, Todd & The Book Of Pure Evil managed to win me over anyway. It’s irreverent, fun, puerile and a throwback to the kind of shows that shaped my formative years.

So, due to an unforeseen punk rock and 4 Loko induced coma, Jamie was unable to record the show this week. Luckily for you, we had planned for this eventuality. Back in ROCKtober we recorded some sweet commentary tracks (well, one and a half… it’s a long story) for such an eventuality. Actually Jamie was [...]

Ever wondered what really happened during the events leading up to the original film The Thing?  Get ready to find out where it all began as the chilling prequel to John Carpenter’s sci-fi horror classic crashes onto Blu-ray with Digital Copy, DVD and download to own on March 26. Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Final Destination [...]

A Horrible Way to Die is surprisingly good. I say “surprisingly” because the premise (without revealing any major twists) sounds very pedestrian and as about as original as cheese. But A Horrible Way to Die is smartly created, strangely compelling and well worth a watch. Sarah (Amy Seimetz) is having a tough time. She is [...]

You are now leaving Clowntown. In this show we discuss our top 5 carnival horror films, alongside top 5 scariest movie clowns. Also much discussion about what we have been watching, Boy Meets World, our tribute to fallen Monkee Davy Jones, upcoming releases, and so much more. We even get some voicemail feedback. Which is [...]

This we take a look at the limpest turd in all of Clowntown, it’s Carnival of Souls. A film so bad, Wes Craven’s name couldn’t even lend it some class. Have you ever wanted to hear just how angry we can get at a film? How would that anger manifest? Would one of us descend [...]

Horror thriller AMERICAN EVIL comes to DVD and Blu-ray on March 5th 2012. The spirits of the dead have returned in Georgina Lightning’s haunting take on a chilling true story, which sees Bradley Cooper (Limitless) unwittingly drawn into a diabolical world of the arcane, superstition and fear. A series of terrifying visions are the key [...]

Beneath Berlin extends a system of over 25,000 tunnels. Two thirds have already been permanently sealed. Some areas haven’t been entered for more than 60 years. Urban Explorers – or Curiosity Killed the Cats – is about a group of so-called urban explorers; people who enter closed off places in urbanized areas, such as disused [...]