Saint: Rooftop Chase Sequence

In Boston’s interview with SAINT creator Dick Maas last week, he asked:

GP: What was the hardest part of the production process?

And Maas told us:

The horse chase across the Amsterdam rooftops was the most difficult to shoot.  We shot mid-time winter and it was very cold.  For several nights we had to go up the roofs and shoot the plates for the chase. Then we had to figure out how to shoot a galloping horse and put the elements together.  For a few shots we used a 3D digital horse, but for the most part we used a real horse, shot against greenscreen.  We also put a horse on a treadmill to achieve shots of him running.

If you’ve been wondering what the hell Mister Maas was talking about – and how insane this “police chase St Nicholas on a horse” scene is – we’ve got an extended clip of this very sequence! It’s well worth a watch.

Check it out here – Saint – Rooftop Chase Sequence

SAINT is released on Monday 31st October

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