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Hit men, paedophiles, family troubles, straw masks, Tyres from Spaced and one absolutely brutal hammer assault in a kitchen – Kill List is a refreshingly different and darkly mature piece of filmmaking, which sadly spirals awkwardly out of control towards the finale and ends up feeling like a demented genre mash-up that confuses more than [...]

Remakes: impossible to avoid, unwanted by those who adore the original and often seen as a pointless cash-in on someone else’s legacy. Fright Night is a remake, and although it cannot possibly match the kitsch, gleeful stupidity of the original, it is it’s own film: modern, fun, sharp, sleek and thoroughly enjoyable. My hope is [...]

Who remembers the fifth film in any franchise? Really? What about Dream Child? Revenge of Michael Myers? Saw V? Fields of Terror? Forsaken? Seed of Chucky? Perhaps only Leprechaun in the Hood can actually be classed as a “memorable” fifth in a horror franchise, but that’s because it was so bloody ridiculous; pitch one psychotic [...]

Robotropolis is released on Monday 5th September and we have 3 copies to giveaway! A triumphant day turns into a fight for survival in the corporate-owned ‘New Town’ when a news crew are invited to broadcast the opening of the largest robot-only run facility and the dawning of a production revolution. Outwardly the robots “live” [...]

Wreckage is released on Monday 22nd August and we have 3 copies to giveaway! When their car’s fan belt snaps during a drag race on a county road several miles outside their home town, best friends Jared (Mike Erwin), Kate (Cameron Richardson), Rick (Aaron Paul), and Jessica (Kelly Kruger) find themselves stranded with two options: walk [...]

On August 26th, we see the fifth film released in the Final Destination horror franchise. To celebrate / commiserate this fact, I decided to watch all four Final Destination films (roping in my unlucky lady Jess for the ride) and looked at how the films have developed, changed, and garnered enough attention to create a [...]

A movie is a sum of it’s parts. Sometimes it can be slightly let down by shoddy make-up or poor continuity, sometimes afflicted with terrible editing or an intrusive, awkward score. The Uninhabited is brilliantly directed, features a tense, overbearing score and is genuinely scary at times… but… the acting is appalling. Significantly let down [...]

Quarantine 2: Terminal is surprisingly good. It knocks out a thousand clichés and holds very few surprises, but it’s a decent sequel to a decent remake and well worth a watch. The original Quarantine came out it 2008 and was an almost shot-for-shot remake of the award-winning Spanish horror Rec (2007), albeit with a more [...]

Tom Six is the controversy courting director of mouth to anus, medically accurate-a-rama: The Human Centipede. His latest film The Human Centipede: Full Sequence recently made the BBFC wet themselves and decline to give it a certificate, declaring it “obscene”. It’s an overcast but hot one as I pick my way through the sightseeing hordes [...]

Who doesn’t love zombies? Especially in computer games. In the past we’ve had Resident Evil, Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead. We’ve even had Plants vs. Zombies. Now we have a new player in town, and it’s set in paradise. A paradise for THE UNDEAD. Dead Island is uniquely set in an open world tropical [...]

Riveting new horror Uninhabited comes to DVD on 15th August and to mark the release we have 3 copies to give away! Harry and Beth want a different kind of holiday. So they charter a boat to drop them off on a remote coral island on the Great Barrier Reef. The island is idyllic – [...]

While drilling for oil, the crew of the The Rig’s rig accidentally bore into a dodgy section of sea bed releasing a load of purple stuff. And something with rather a lot of long and pointy teeth. Coincidentally a big ol’ storm rolls in and isolates the cast just as the man-in-a-fish-monster-suit starts picking them [...]

The Witches of Oz is out on DVD on 8 August 2011, and we have 3 copies to give away! A star-studded cast including Billy Boyd (Lord of the Rings), Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings) and Mia Sara (Legend) bring the much-loved magic of Oz into a modern [...]

Crazy new monster movie The Rig comes to DVD on 8th August. As a hurricane rages outside, the small but experienced crew of a deep-sea oil drilling rig settles in to ride out the storm.  Isolated on the rig and a hundred miles from shore, their calm is short lived when a crew member goes [...]