Axelle Carolyn’s The Last Post

Axelle Carolyn’s THE LAST POST to premiere at FrightFest

Axelle Carolyn’s directorial debut is hitting Film4 Frightfest on August 28th (one month today!). It is part of the short film showcase and has been produced by British horror auteur Neil Marshall. It will be having its European premiere at 1pm on Sunday.

The Last Post follows Colette, an elderly lady in a nursing home, who is visited by a mysterious stranger no one else seems able to see. At once chilling and touching, it is a story of loneliness, old age and regrets, but also of love and hope. The Last Post was shot in one day in London, UK.

Paul Andrew Williams – director of the superb London to Brighton and The Cottage – has this to say about The Last Post: “A beautifully paced, tenderly directed film with a genuine and touching performance from Ms Marsh. Give this woman a feature”.

Writer-director Axelle Carolyn started out as a film journalist and non-fiction writer, then worked in front of the camera before making the transition to directing. She is attached to direct her first feature, The Haunted, later this year, from her own script.

Jean Marsh is one of the most recognizable names in the UK’s TV and film industry. On television, her credits include Doctor Who and Upstairs Downstairs. On the big screen, her most notable credits include The Eagle Has Landed and The Changeling, but it is perhaps for her turns as villain in both Willow and Return to Oz that she is best known internationally.

Co-starring with Marsh is Kimberley Nixon, who has appeared in Easy Virtue and Cherrybomb, opposite ginger superstar Rupert “Ronald Weasley” Grint, before playing the love interest in Christopher Smith’s 2009 medieval thriller Black Death.

The producer of The Last Post is Neil Marshall, who is very well known amongst horror fans having blasted onto the scene with the awesome Dog Soldiers in 2002 and hasn’t let go since. His most recent film was last year’s Roman epic Centurion, in which Carolyn starred as the psychotic Pict warrior Aeron.

Some people don’t hold much credit to short films, but they can produce some of the most emotional, terrifying, bonkers and genius pieces of film-making you’ll ever see. Frightfest is renowned for its quality short films, so pop along on Sunday and catch Axelle Carolyn’s directorial debut.

Check out more about The Last Post at IMDB.

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