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Who likes identical twins? They’re up there in horror’s catalogue of disturbing alongside clowns, creepy porcelain dolls and the sound of an ice cream van at midnight. Imagine, then, that these twins are evil and happen to have a rare telekinetic power that means they can control everything you do. This is the central crux [...]

Dumb name, dumb characters, dumb film; Zombie Undead is incredibly dumb. As innovative & imaginative as tomato soup and just a thrilling, Zombie Undead is one long streak of bloody lumbering stupidness. Avoid avoid avoid. Zombie films… not exactly rare, are they? In the past decade we’ve had Land of the Dead, Diary of the [...]

Icon Home Entertainment and Think Jam are pleased to present the trailer for upcoming French language horror film, The Pack. Starring Émilie Dequenne (Brotherhood of the Wolf) and Yolande Moreau (Amélie, Gainsbourg), the film is set for release on 4th July 2011 on DVD and Blu-ray. Charlotte (Dequenne) stops at the side of an isolated [...]

Seconds Apart is a new chilling-feature from the After Dark Originals brand, coming to DVD & Blu-ray 30 May after screening at the After Dark Original: Horrorfest Weekend earlier in the year. Starring Orlando Jones (Magnolia, Evolution) and directed by Antonio Negret (Towards Darkness), Seconds Apart also features stellar performances from the two leads, twins [...]

After a horrific miscarriage, Emily (Leisha Hailey) and Nate Weaver (Gale Harold) move to an inherited house in the countryside, hoping to have a fresh new start. All is well until Emily begins to see other people in and around the house – people long dead. When she talks to local historian Mister Avery (Chelcie [...]

Julia’s Eyes is a taut, fraught, psychological thriller with a touch of the supernatural and a few genuinely brutal moments. Blessed with some captivating central performances, it may feel overlong in places, but it is compelling throughout. There is no irony in saying you need to see this. Julia’s Eyes is superb. Julia’s estranged twin [...]

Following on from the home entertainment smash-hit THE ZOMBIE DIARIES, one of the biggest selling zombie titles in the UK of the past decade, the highly-anticipated sequel WORLD OF THE DEAD: THE ZOMBIE DIARIES will be released in cinemas on the 24th June and on DVD from the 27th June. Three months have passed since [...]

Welcome to the latest episode of the all new Gorepress Gorecast! As part of the Movies About Movies Month, this week we look at the cult favourite, Popcorn. Starring Jill Schoelen, Dee Wallace, Tom Villard, and a bunch of other people, Popcorn is the story of a girl who has recurring nightmares and then some [...]

Science – it has done so much to improve the world. It relocated my shoulder nine times, it fixed my cracked skull twice and it’s saved lives every second of every day for decades. So why does cinema hate it so much? The Frankenstein Experiment is another example of “bad science” and it’s a cliché-packed [...]

Fertile Ground is a chilling-feature from the After Dark Originals brand, coming to DVD & Blu-ray 23 May, and to mark it’s release we have 3 copies to give away! Directed by Adam Gierasch, (Autopsy), Fertile Ground was described as one of this year’s festival’s “darkest bright spots” by Dread Central and perfectly shows off [...]

Primal is better than expected. Well, better than I expected it to be anyway. It’s vicious, witty, fast paced and enjoyable throughout and deserves to be seen by a wider audience. The acting isn’t always great and there’s a section towards the end that feels as though it’s come directly from SyFy original movie, CGI [...]

We’ve had reason to be quite excited this week at Gorepress headquarters. The first reason being that a new trailer for upcoming movie Stake Land has been released and the second being that our very own Boston’s been quoted in it at the 1:02 mark. Quite the achievement for a little ol’ horror movie site [...]

Attack the Block is a superb British horror film and a stunning debut from writer / director Joe Cornish. Fun, stylish, brutal, funny and very very exciting. Watch Attack the Block – you won’t be disappointed. November 5th – Guy Fawkes Night – and five South London hoodie-wearing teenagers rob a woman in the middle [...]

Priest 3D – if you’re hoping for an explosive, 3D version of The Beautification of Pope John Paul II, with a 360 shot of a clergyman reading out a sermon accompanied by some operatic choir boy singing, then you’ll be gravely disappointed. Those expecting a massively dumb, cliché-ridden, absolutely absurd action flick filled with vampires, [...]

Based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, The Frankenstein Experiment sees a beautiful young stem-cell researcher (Tiffany Shepis) joins a secret research group attempting to develop a stem-cell based universal healing serum. Despite opposition from the project leaders, she quickly develops a serum that can bring the dead back to life – but with horrific results. Distraught, [...]

After a while out of the podcasting loop, we are back with a vengeance with our Gorepress Gorecast redux! Jamie and Sarah make cemeteries their cathedrals and cities their tombs in the first of the new format Gorecasts. This months theme is Horror Movies About Horror Movies. We will dissect three films over the coming [...]

Have you ever visited a scare attraction? Something like The London Bridge Experience or a carnival Ghost Train? The kind of place you walk slowly around, without any particular reason to be there, and scream when a face-painted actor jumps out of the darkness and shouts “boo” at you. Repeat for twenty minutes and leave, [...]

Certain films are “Ironing Films”. Ignoring any extreme ironers out there, most normal folk find themselves slogging through a mound of dull ironing on a Sunday, standing in front of whatever absolute crap programmers have decided to slap on Television; Songs of Praise, Homeward Bound 3, re-runs of Columbo and at least one film starring [...]

The old saying goes “when it rains it pours”, and in the case of Meteor Storm it’s raining space rocks, and they’re intent on ruining everyone’s day. When an innocent shower of meteorites veers off course and heads towards Earth, the people of San Francisco find themselves under attack from above, as little rocks smash [...]

Top model Lucy Pinder makes her feature film debut in Brit comedy film STRIPPERS VS WEREWOLVES, playing a sexy vampire bride who terrorises a vampire hunter. Lucy said today: “I’m delighted to be making my feature film debut for Black & Blue Films in Strippers Vs Werewolves – it’s a really funny part and a [...]

The original BloodRayne (2005) was one of Uwe Boll’s most successful and well received films which, although that means virtually nothing considering his canon of work, has meant two sequels have been made. The third in any horror film franchise is a difficult child. Often filmmakers attempt to inject the remotest sense of freshness into [...]

From The Filmmakers Behind The Lost Skeleton Of Cadavra comes an homage to the old Dark House genre like no other! A strange and mysterious group of strange and mysterious people gathers at the creepy Cavinder Estate for the reading of the will of the late Sinas Cavinder. Strangest and most mysterious of this group [...]