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Tom Noonan’s career spans 30 years of horror from Wolfen to House of the Devil, but he is still perhaps best known for his amazing performance as demented serial killer Francis “Tooth Fairy” Dolarhyde in Manhunter. He has clocked up notable performances in Heat, Last Action Hero, The X Files and Seraphim Falls. Tom Noonan [...]

Vision has been described as a mixture of The Ring and Videodrome via Hostel. Axelle Carolyn from Doomsday and Centurion plays a young woman who receives a mysterious DVD in the post. Too intrigued not to watch it she soon comes to realise even pressing play was a terrible mistake. What’s really on the DVD? [...]

Exam is smart, cunning, compelling and thoroughly enjoyable. It is well acted, the script is excellent and the direction is sharp and stylish. The only significant failing is the actual plot, the concept, which is difficult to believe and more than a little extreme. Exam is a quality film, but its core is deeply flawed. [...]

Returning to complete the first ever seperately made for film release trilogy of British films, comes Jack Falls, the film noir follow up to Jack Said and Jack Says and final installment in Jack’s downward journey. Surviving a murder attempt in Amsterdam, former undercover police officer Jack Adleth returns to London to seek revenge and [...]

Sexy Killer is completely insane. It’s kooky, zany, stupid, violent, offensive, funny, shoddy, incredibly dumb, self-knowing and totally shameless with it. It could be seen as annoying, it could be seen as brainless, it could be seen as trashy exploitative nonsense, yet miraculously it’s all these things and still manages to be an engaging, amusing [...]

Pandorum is violent, furious, moody and demented, yet it smacks with such over-the-top childishness that any hopes it could be the next Event Horizon are dashed the moment the first “monster” appears. It is violent fun, but nothing much else. It is 2173 and the Earth has died. Corporal Bower (Ben Foster) awakes inside a [...]

Shrooms is a bad trip. Meandering, poorly scripted and bafflingly stupid in places, it is certainly watchable but it’s terribly constructed. Perhaps a handful of psilocybin would make this better, but that’s not an advocation of Shrooms. This is silly and clichéd – avoid. Shrooms begins well. The setup is simple – a group of [...]

On the 7th of August 2010, the lovely folks at Cigarette Burns will be hosting an evening of horror shorts. Night Of The Long Shorts features a stellar line-up of films that includes Can Evrenol’s My Grandmother, Life After Beth and Wishing Well. Comprising of 9 films in total, each will be shown twice for [...]

Christmas Eve, and the residents of a quiet British cul-de-sac are suddenly plunged into a world of violence, terror and paranoia when a group of heavily armed military personnel storm their road ordering them at gunpoint to retreat inside their homes. Unsure if this is the sign of a terrorist attack, or something much worse, [...]

White Noise 2: The Light is mediocre. It shamelessly pilfers ideas from many better films and fails to be scary in any way, but it’s a watchable, intriguing little thriller that neither challenges nor upsets. With some decent acting and a couple of awesome set pieces, it’s tolerable stuff. In a bizarre and brutal start, [...]

Low-budget, silly, funny, nasty and surprisingly enjoyable, Manhater is decent in places but overly flawed. Poor directing and acting lets it down occasionally, and there are few surprises throughout. Manhater is entertaining but neither scary, clever or horrific – it’s good fun, but tragically forgettable. Beginning with a mad-haired woman casting spells over a midget [...]

Welcome to the Jungle is incredibly boring. Simple in idea and diabolically executed, it is a dull trudge through mediocrity that is both cliché and pedestrian. Four friends, living in New Guinea, have been given a surprise adventure. A friend has told them of an old white man hidden deep within the jungle, in cannibal [...]

Bloody, grotesque, funny and attempting to be nothing more than violent titillation, Return to House on Haunted Hill succeeds on a number of levels, but it doesn’t stop it from being dumb, ridiculous, clichéd and utterly needless. Stupid fun, and surprisingly well-scripted, this may well please those who were expecting too see a mentally deranged [...]

THERE ARE TWO TYPES OF UNDERWORLD. NOW IT’S TIME FOR A SHOWDOWN The second feature from British director Steve Lawson (Just For The Record), the vampires-meet-gangsters horror romp Dead Cert marks a welcome return to a fun, almost traditional British horror filmmaking style that affectionately evokes the spirit of the contemporary-set movies of Amicus and [...]

Paintball is a complete mess. Terribly directed, poorly scripted, awkwardly acted and incredibly frustrating – under all this waste lies a great concept, but it’s horribly squandered. Amateurish and disappointing. Avoid. Eight adrenaline junkies enter the Redball Woods paintball tournament, pitted against another team of unknowns. Their target is to collect six flags across the [...]

Cannibals, remakes, aliens, a sexy apocalyptic wilderness, torture, chainsaws, gangsters, vampires, vampire gangsters, serial killers, ninjas, Tobe Hooper and a Hong Kong real estate nightmare (which tragically will probably not be about Foxtons…). Taking residence in the Empire Cinema on Leicester Square for the second year in a row, FILM4 Frightfest 2010 looks like it [...]

“Tonight’s game is The Night We Dare the Ghosts. Group one, proceed to the torture chamber”. These are words you never want to hear and this is Ghost Game, a game show that challenges contestants to stay in haunted houses / villages / concentration camps until they run screaming in terror. The last remaining contestant [...]