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A Tale of Two Sisters (also known as Janghwa, Hongreyon) is, simply put, a wonderful film. Loosely based on an old Korean folk tale, it follows the story of two sisters, Su-mi and Su-yeon, who arrive home after being discharged from a psychiatric hospital to stay with their father and his new wife, Eun-Joo. Although [...]

In vehemently religious, small town America, a teenager sticks a gun in his mouth and promptly commits suicide in front of his bewildered girlfriend. This tragic event seems to have a domino effect as one by one, the residents of the town in Maryland follow suit and kill themselves in a variety of different and [...]

The Stepfather is completely wrong. It did not need re-making, it has too many superfluous scenes, it fails to scare and ultimately the title is a misnomer as our antagonist doesn’t actually become a Stepfather! Dull, predictable, clichéd and a complete waste of time. Avoid. For the first five minutes we’re treated to The Stepfather [...]