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With a title like Cube Zero you’d be forgiven for thinking that it was a horror film about a sugar free beverage. It is, in fact, the third instalment in the Cube series, but as this was made in the post-Phantom Menace “noughties” it is, naturally, a prequel and though the result never quite hits [...]

From Showmasters, the people behind Collectormania 2010, comes the London Film and Comic Con 2010.

Zombie Women of Satan is depraved, insane, stupid, bloody and incredibly rude. Laughably childish in places, you’ll either find it gleefully fun or offensively immature, but you’re unlikely to see many films like it. Self-serving burlesque troop Fleshorama are being interviewed on Tycho Zander’s television show, along with feisty rock chick Skye Brannigan. Unbeknownst to [...]

“Never judge a book by its cover”, sage advice which everyone is given at some point in their lives and though I’ve tried to follow this pearl of wisdom, I have to confess I was rather dubious as soon as I saw the cover of Cube 2: Hypercube. It was that word “Hypercube”. Something about [...]

Adapted from Clive Barkers short story and directed by Anthony DiBlasi, who also produced this title, Book Of Blood and Midnight Meat Train as well as recently being linked to the proposed Hellraiser remake, Dread is a taut, incredibly well acted, well-directed piece of psychological horror. After an evening lecture, the sensitive Stephen meets the [...]

Acolytes is slow, confused and poorly acted. Although it has a very interesting concept, it is so poorly executed it comes across as shoddy and amateurish. Disappointing stuff. Acolytes starts with a half-naked girl, in the woods, disorientated, lost. She finds a butterfly. Then a car hits her in the face. This is Tanya Lee, [...]

Zombies, music, dancing, breasts, brains, blood and one pervert clown. These are a few of my favourite things… Gorepress have been invited to many interesting events in the past – screeners, interviews, premieres and set tours – but the e-mail we received in the middle of June was probably the strangest. It was an invitation [...]

While travelling by ferry to the island of El Hierro, Maria loses her young son Diego. Has he fallen overboard? Has he been abducted? Nobody knows. Diego simply vanishes. Six months later…Maria is fighting to overcome the pain of her loss, to pick up the pieces and continue with her life, when she receives an [...]

Finnish based Remedy Entertainment must have known they were on to a winner when they embarked on Alan Wake. Boasting itself as more of a TV series than a mere game by its makers, we are lead to believe that this six-part episodic thriller has triggered the revival of the tired horror genre of video games. Let’s see, shall we?

It seems like psychological horror has taken a sick day recently, and in walks its gun-toting big brother. Resident Evil was one of the first to swap haunted house for open-warfare, and there are mixed reviews as to just what effect this evolution has not only had, but continues to have across the board. Although Silent Hill still claims to be nestled nicely in its scary…

Disturbing Behaviour is like a filmic time capsule of the late 90’s. It’s got that Kevin Williamson-inspired, oh-so-clever teen dialogue, a band of relatively likeable misfit characters and straightforward plot down to an art. The students of Cradle Bay have been acting a little strangely recently. Instead of late night parties, drinking and the expected [...]

Hierro is a film of two halves. The first half is smart, creepy, tense, disturbing and utterly compelling. The second half is meandering, confused, clichéd and horribly disappointing. Although worth seeing for Gabe Ibanez’s quality direction and Elena Anaya’s excellent performance, Hierro is an incredibly frustrating watch. Marine biologist Maria is taking her son to [...]

An independant horror web series produced and developed by a group of filmmakers from Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley (Jesse Kalavoda, Marvin Day and Andrew Stirling MacDonald), reached the end of its first arc last week on 9/6/10. The project began in the Summer of last year, with filming and editing taking place during Autumn and Winter, [...]

Hannover House, the entertainment distribution division of Target Development Group, Inc., has partnered with producer Roham Ghodsi’s Illusion Film Studios for the production of ‘Dances With Werewolves,’ a thriller by screenwriter David Chirchirillo based on the legendary, supernatural transformative powers of some Native American Indian warriors. The film will be produced in 3D for theatrical [...]

Someone’s Knocking At The Door is a truly unique cinematic experience. And I mean that in the best possible way. It’s daring, shocking, awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping and, surprisingly, very watchable. A group of young medical students decide to experiment with a drug called Taldon, which causes their perceived reality to blur around the edges. When their [...]

Directed by master comic book maestro Brian Pulido in his first foray into feature films, The Graves is, unfortunately for someone with such a prolific background in horror comics, a disgraceful mess. The story follows the two Graves sisters as they embark on a road trip which is supposed to broaden little sister Abby’s horizons [...]

“From Christopher Smith, director of cult hits Creep, Severance and Triangle, comes a brutal and terrifying epic that guarantees to chill the blood and stir the soul. In a plague-ridden medieval England, Osmund (Eddie Redmayne), a young monk, is charged in leading the fearsome knight Ulrich (Sean Bean), and his group of mercenaries to a [...]

Carol Hammond (Florinda Bolkan, Una breve vacanza, The Damned, Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion) is a sophisticated politician’s daughter who experiences a series of vivid, psychedelic nightmares drenched in depraved sex orgies and LSD. The dream turns into a nightmare featuring the death of her neighbour, Julia Dürer (Anita Strindberg, The Eroticist). The next [...]

“A couple (Ray Lovelock and Cristina Galbo) travelling along the English countryside stop to get directions from a pair of Ministry of Agriculture workers who are testing an experimental device designed to drive crop-damaging insects into killing each other. While they plan their next stop, a man who has been dead for several days attacks–to [...]

When I was thirteen years old, I saw a movie that changed my life. Up until that moment, my parents hadn’t really allowed me to see many horror movies, my Mother being a proud member of the ‘Ban this depravity’ brigade that emerged following the tragic murder of James Bulger in 1993. As soon as [...]

Salvage is a twisting, vicious, intelligent horror film that is let down by inconsistent pacing, confused story-telling and a poor antagonist. Well acted and directed, this is worth a watch despite its numerous flaws. Solid work. Beth is a bad mother. She has neglected her daughter Jodie, happy for the teen to live with her [...]

MyAnna Buring is a Swedish born actress who moved to England when she was sixteen. She graduated from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), started a theatre company (called MahWaff) and has starred in a large range of film and television roles. Ticking off the usual British TV essentials such as The [...]

The Living Dead At The Manchester Morgue is a great example of a sadly over-looked zombie movie. What should rightfully be a classic is often dismissed as a derivative undead fable with poor dubbing and while there is some truth to the latter, the former accusation is mostly unfounded. Filmed in Rome, Madrid, Manchester and [...]

Beginning with a trippy, visually arresting, mind-fuck of a scene involving an anguished woman running through a train carriage, subsequently faced with a corridor full of naked people, then taking part in a lesbian tryst, A Lizard In A Woman’s Skin is a triumph of startling imagery from start to finish and is arguably master [...]

Welcome to the technical issue cast, with Jamie & Sarah. We’re slowly getting better at this podcast lark, but we’re hitting plenty of speed bumps on the way… In this show, Sarah and Jamie chat about two zombie comedies from across the globe with Night of the Living Dorks and Tokyo Zombie. They also discuss [...]