5 – Jamie & Sarah & Dario Argento

In this, our latest podcast, we take an in depth look at the giallo classic Tenebrae and the craptacular Giallo. Both directed by former genius of Italian cinema, Dario Argento. We also chat about House Of The Devil (again), Macauley Culkin, style over substance, who is the actual podcast sidekick, among other bullshit. Feedback, text messages, upcoming releases and technical issues abound.

Spoiler alert for the Giallo review; we spoil the shit out of that bad boy. Deal with it.

Jamie & The Magic Beard

Music credits:
Because of the Argento theme, Jamie used it as an excuse to take his featured artist and have an all Goblin episode.

  • Goblin – Profondo Rosso Main Theme
  • Goblin – Supsiria Main Theme
  • Goblin – Tenebrae Main Theme
  • Goblin – Jennifer (Phenomena) Remix

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11 Comments on “5 – Jamie & Sarah & Dario Argento”

  1. [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Jamie Carruthers, Steven Meredith and VCinema (Coffin Jon), Sarah Law. Sarah Law said: Episode 5 of the Gorecast is now available for download! http://bit.ly/cjPutX Sincere apologies as it's on a different iTunes feed now! [...]

  2. Aaron Gillott says:

    Hi guys, good podcast! :)

    How I interpreted the line from “Tenebrae” that Jamie mentioned – “So passes the glory of Lesbos”. I always took it to be an arch reference to the Greek island of Lesbos (with the end pronounced “boss”, I think), which is where the word “lesbian” comes from as it was the birthplace of the poet Sappho who was famous for love poetry addressed to both women and men (and where the term “Sapphic” comes from also as a synonym for a lesbian relationship).

    Couldn’t agree more with you both on your assessments of “Giallo”, “Tenebrae” and Argento in general. I think the last halfway decent film of his that I enjoyed was probably “Opera”, and even then it was already in a period of decline, which for me started just after “Tenebrae” (although I also think that “Inferno” sucks badly too, and is really a pale shade of “Suspiria”). Jamie said he hadn’t seen “The Bird with the Crystal Plumage” – I think you’ll like it, Jamie, if you like those early giallos of his like “Four Flies on Grey Velvet” or “Cat O’Nine Tails”.

    • Aaron Gillott says:

      I actually meant to say that I took it to be an arch reference to Lesbos the same as Sarah mentioned, I always assumed the guy on the dub just pronounced it wrong. Why can I never find an editing thing when I want one? Serves me right for posting comments at 3am when I should be asleep.

  3. Sarah Law says:

    So, just to clarify; I’m right and Jamie’s wrong? ;)

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, despite all the swearing, text messagey stuff and playback issues at the end! That technical hiccup really couldn’t have come at a worse time! Haha!

    We still need to somehow arrange a mass Gorepress podcast, although I have a feeling it’d be all of us attempting to talk over one another :)

    • Phil Taberner says:

      A mass Gorepress podcast would be amazing :D

      Also, if you decide to go ahead with the music-based podcast, I’ve got some suggestions I’d love to put forward!

    • Nicola Jones says:

      Music, you say?

      Akira Yamaoka anyone? See, in with the games stuff already. Sneaky sneak.

    • The Scullion says:

      I’m for a mass Gorecast. It would be absolute carnage…

  4. Louise McG says:

    We should have a mass watching of The Strangers together, and add our own “directors commentary”.

    • Sarah Law says:

      I think that would lead to mass fisticuffs. Or at the very least, Jamie attempting to punch everyone when they inevitably disagree with him :)

    • The Scullion says:

      Watch The Strangers? Again. As long as we can all throw things at the TV when Liv Tyler falls over in the woods… for no reason. This viewing would only lead to violence.

    • Jamie Carruthers says:

      I fucking love that movie.

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