Frozen (2010)

Directed By: Adam Green
Written By: Adam Green
Starring: Kevin Zegers
  Emma Bell
  Shawn Ashmore

Adam Green is a director with a bright future, although I think he may surprise a few genre lovers somewhere along the way, I’m pretty sure that some of the Hatchet fanboys are unaware his first movie was a romantic comedy that was picked up by Disney. After directing the wonderfully old school Hatchet, and producing such crackers as Spiral and Grace, he is back with something completely different, but just as gross.

Frozen is the story of three friends, couple Dan and Parker (Zegers and Bell, respectively) and best friend Joe (Ashmore), who get stuck up on a ski lift after a resort closes, it’s the simplistic concept that serves the movie so well. Open Water in mid air, Frozen really elicits the “what the hell would I do in that situation?” reaction which has the potential gets chins wagging and gums flapping. There isn’t much more I can say about the plot without giving too much away, so just think about what could happen in that situation, and prepare to have it taken to the limit.

From what I have read, the movie was completely shot on the side of a real mountain, with the actors suspended in a real ski lift, and I can’t see anything that contradicts that. The film is wonderfully realised, well framed and edited with a deft hand. Green definitely has an eye for ramping up the tension, although occasionally he can drift into by-the-numbers directing. He also has a issue with referencing his showbiz mates, which in theory is fine but within this I found the fact that every single character was named after a director buddy of Mr. Green. It’s not a massive issue, but it can occasionally smack a little of self indulgence. While I am the topic of self indulgence, there is a shot of Green and Wrong Turn 2‘s director Joe Lynch on a ski lift cracking wise. While this did raise a chuckle, it appeared to be added as an afterthought and looked entirely out of place within the film. It seemed to be placed there for fanboys (such as myself), and may pull a viewer with little or no knowledge of Green out of the moment.

Without dropping any spoilers, I can say that the little bits of gore are excellently realised, especially when coupled with the incredible sound mixing and editing. It’s impressive that the same guy who showed us a new use for a belt sander can also show this level of restraint, I think it just goes to prove that this man know his genre, his audience, and, most importantly, his shit. Green gets good performances out of the three leads, particularly the regularly wooden Air Bud star Kevin Zegers.

Because the plot is so sparse, there isn’t an awful lot more I can say. I will say that Frozen is exciting, entertaining, gruesome in spots, and thoroughly well made. I have found myself being overly critical of the few weaknesses of the movie because I am such a fan of Green as a director and a person, as well as the fact that there really isn’t anything worth actually complaining about within the rest of the movie. Basically, you should see this film.

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆

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