Problems, obsessions & a loss

So, we were hoping to have had the second ‘Gorecast’ in the bag right now but due to unforeseen circumstances (involving connection problems and the like) we’ve been unable to record it as yet. Take 2 is happening tomorrow though so keep all your extremities crossed that our shitty luck doesn’t get in the way of recording again! In episode 2, me and Jamie will be reviewing Needful Things and Faust : Love Of The Damned. Both kinda failed to float my boat but for very different reasons which I’ll go into in unnecessary depth in the podcast.

I’ve spent the last fortnight watching a bunch of films, some horror, some not. Two that definitely deserve a mention are Teenage Dirtbag and Deadgirl. Teenage Dirtbag was written and directed by a newcomer called Regina Crosby and while the direction is fairly basic stuff, the film itself is really moving but startlingly simple. I guess it would fall under the Romantic Drama category which, let me tell you, is not something I regularly find myself going for but the well-hidden ‘girly girl’ inside me just can’t resist a good ol’ fashioned unrequited love story in which one or both of the protagonists end up dead. I’m not entirely sure what that says about me but I’m sure there are psychiatrists the World over that would love to find out.

If you’ve read my review of Deadgirl on here then you’ll already know how much I absolutely loved it, enough to award it a re-watch only about 6 months after first seeing it. It was a thoroughly uncomfortable but expertly crafted take on the zombie genre and the acting was superb. It stars Noah Segan who I’ve become a bit obsessed with recently. On top of having that frighteningly intense look about him that I seem to find so attractive, this kid can really act! He made Cabin Fever 2 much better than it rightfully should have been and managed to steal the show from the, ever wonderful Joseph Gordon Levitt in the stylish teen-noir Brick. He has a few projects coming out soon including horror comedy All About Evil (with a premise that sounds a little like 2009’s Smash Cut) and grind-house throwback Someone’s Knocking At The Door, which he also produced. Check out the trailer for that here. If this guy doesn’t become a household name sometime soon then there’s absolutely no justice in the world.

I know I’m over a week late on this one but even though it’s old news already, I felt I should probably say a bit about the death of Corey Haim. It was untimely, but not necessarily unexpected by some. He was a bit of a legend back in the day and should be remembered for what he did best. Not that anyone should need an excuse to watch it again but I suggest you all stick The Lost Boys in your DVD players and raise a glass to him. He’ll be missed by many.

On that note, I’ll leave you to get back to your full and satisfying lives again. Keep on giving us your feedback (unless you’re my Dad, in which case stop being creepy and bugger off, I’ll swear as much as I like) and we’ll keep on keepin’ on being opinionated for your reading pleasure.


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