1 – Jamie & Sarah get freaky

Finally hear Jamie and Sarah discuss films together! You know you’ve been waiting for it…

In our first ever foray into podcasting we manage to get everything wrong, the sound is a bit crappy and we swear far too much. But we had fun, and that’s what counts. There was a bit of a Skype-based muddle, so some of the audio is a bit funny. Fuck it though, the echo gives me gravitas.

We review 2007′s Freakshow and 1993′s Freaked, as well as share some inane banter about what we’ve had going on in the last few weeks, a certain magazine, and forthcoming horror releases.

If you have any feedback on this episode of the Gorepress ‘Gorecast’ then send it on over to podcast@gorepress.com and hopefully we’ll have the next installment in a couple of weeks time!

The music credits are as follows:

Dirty 13 – Sam Russo

Freekz (That’s What They Call Us) – Tim Burns

Rats And Jackals – Sam Russo

Tinned Peaches And Diamond Rings – Sam Russo

Song from Freakshow – Unknown

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