Cut – Available now on DVD

Released today on DVD in the UK, Cut is currently pending confirmation from The Guinness Book of World Records of its title as the first single continuous-shot suspense horror movie ever filmed. Starring movie legend Zach Galligan (Gremlins 1 & 2), Michael Socha, Simon Phillips and tabloid-darling Danielle Lloyd in her debut role, Cut is a tale of five friends who return to their cottage in the Peak District after a party, only to discover that they’re not alone. Something horrible is hiding in the woods, with intentions that are anything but pleasant…

The cast of Cut (2010)

In the words of its producers:

CUT is a claustrophobic thrill ride, only relenting on its increasingly unbearable tension and heart stopping shocks to inject a little humour to soften the blow and increase the fun! Because it takes place in one shot, the audience feel part of the film, they have to go through every step of the way with our characters; the fear builds for our protagonists as it does for the audience, there is no escape! Our filming concept creates an incredibly exciting, uniquely terrifying, never before witnessed viewing experience.”

Gorepress caught up with Zach Galligan during his visit to the UK for the London premiere. You can read the full interview here. Cut is available now from and all good movie retailers.

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