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With lead roles in British fare already in the bag, things look bright for Lisa McAllister who, this year alone, has major parts in two exciting upcoming horror movies; Dead Cert and Devil’s Playground, both under the umbrella of Black & Blue Films. Gorepress managed to grab a few minutes of her precious time in [...]

Pontypool is original. It is rare a reviewer gets to utter those words in recent years, especially within the remake-crowded cliché-stack that is the horror genre, but Pontypool can boast this. It is smart, unique, tense, nasty and genuinely compelling. Only a saggy and tenuous finale lets it down, but Pontypool still comes out on [...]

Rolfe Kanfesky‘s Nightmare Man is a disorganised jumble of a film. At first glance it appears to be a supernatural thriller, at second a straight slasher flick and finally ends up being an Evil Dead style horror comedy. It never seems to know what it wants to be and because of the constant shift in [...]

Monster Ark is ridiculous, but not in a good way. It is shoddily made, terribly scripted, blindly dumb and tragically dull. Even for a straight-to-TV movie it lacks depth, intelligence and charm. It is watchable, but only just. The mad premise is this: in Biblical times there were monsters aplenty, demons and creatures of darkness, [...]

Following his work on the impressive Hard Candy, director David Slade takes on a more mainstream, big-budget horror romp in the form of 30 Days of Night. Conceived in the pages of a comic (sorry…graphic novel), the film has a very simple premise that could easily compete with any “high concept” blockbuster (where a single [...]