Tshirts, Controversy and Frightfest

As you might be aware, things are a bit rough for me at the moment. All this GoreZone stuff (see Sarah’s last blog if you’re not familiar with it yet) is stressing me out and upsetting me like you wouldn’t believe. I am pretty sure they will come to their senses when they consult a solicitor and find that libel isn’t quite what they thought it was.

Anyway, in the middle of all this excitement I had an excellent meeting with some of the folks behind Mark Macready and the Archangel Murders for a bit of genre chat and massive coffees. Those folks were top chaps, and the interview should be up very soon…

Jamie and his Gorepress Tshirt
At the end of this week it is FrightFest Glasgow, and I am totally excited (despite the fact that I am worrying about a gang of GoreZone fans waiting for me with weapons), in order to pimp this very site, my girlfriend and I designed a t-shirt. Check it out! I had to edit my intense moose knuckle out of the picture for fear of the ladies going crazy (if you don’t know what moose knuckle is, then be thankful).

We used special t-shirt latex, the finest Florence & Fred t-shirts (£3 from Tesco), and an iron. It didn’t really take that long, and it was good fun to boot! We fluffed up a few, and so ran out of red latex stuff after we made Sarah’s, meaning mine had to be green. But I think it looks freaking awesome, even swathed around my fat gut! If you see me at FrightFest, chances are I will be wearing this and attempting to bother Adam Green, so come and say hello, tell me you agree with all my opinions, and ply me with alcohol.

If you want one of these, or any other t-shirts commissioning, drop me an email at: jamie@gorepress.com, and I will speak to the missus.

I have almost exclusively been watching Giallo this week, so prepare for an onslaught of Italian content in the coming weeks, as well as my FrightFest coverage!

See you all in court, and I love you all very much.

5 Comments on “Tshirts, Controversy and Frightfest”

  1. Definitely Not The Editor says:

    Sexiest Pig!

  2. The Maniacal BenJy says:

    Wait, what?

    Was that meant to say Sexiest pig or Sexist?

    Either way, good looking tees! And any FrightFest news is good news.

    • Jamie Carruthers says:

      It was a reference to the person of the GoreZone forum impersonating me, with rubbish grammar and the rest.

      Thanks for the comments on the tees though!

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