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Hi there reader types, it’s me, Jamie. I’ve been pretty quiet on the site these last few weeks, I did a bit of focusing on my personal blog, Lets Get Dangerous_, and a bit of work on a short film that I plan on shooting in the summer. Obviously, you lot will get all of the gossip as and when it happens. And uni too, I’ve been trying to focus on that, but films just keep getting in my way. Think about it, you can read up about a dirty politician suing a paper for saying something snotty about his wang, or you can flip on Kane Hodder belt-sanding someone’s face off. I know what I would rather be doing.

So even though I have been quiet, I have been percolating some ideas in my brain for features and other squee-inducing portions of the site. Sarah mentioned in her blogette that a podcast is on the horizon, and that it is, dear reader. If all goes to plan, Sarah and I will be all up in them ears with some talk of the bestest and worstest horror movies you can think of. Plus you get to hear Sarah’s lovely chipper voice, and my… well, my not-so-enthuastic drawl.

The Violent Kind

In other news, I have some stuff coming your way for Women In Horror Recognition Month. I have some interviews on the horizon, including one with those Butcher Brothers fellas, who brought you The Hamiltons, the April Fools Day remake, as well as the forthcoming The Violent Kind which stars my favourite former Super-Tromette Tiffany Shepis! Also, I’m heading north of the border to get me some FrightFest action up in Glasgow, so feel warm and fuzzy in the knowledge that I will be bringing back all the good words on Adam Green’s Frozen, Vincenzo Natali’s Splice, along with [REC] 2 and 2001 Maniacs: Field Of Screams. I might even try and have a bit of a chat with some of the good folks over to promote their movies for the site. Fingers crossed.


Also, I’m not sure if you folks are aware of this, but up in Edinburgh in March there is an extreme cinema season showing the likes of Gaspar Noe’s Carne, Robert Endelson’s Fight For Your Life, Deodato’s The House On The Edge Of The Park and Jacopetti’s Farewell Uncle Tom in all their uncut glory. I’ve managed to work out a compromise with the not-so-into-disgusting-gore girlfriend in which we spend a couple of hours watching Buttgereit‘s corpse fucking bonanza, while she gets a weekend in the picturesque city of Edinburgh. Good deal, right?

Anyway folks, I’m off to watch an Austrian pop punk band rip it up in a dingy little venue in the city. I hope this, my first Gorepress blog post, hasn’t bored you too much.

I will catch up with you all very soon, I love you all very much.

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