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Set in an old mining town, My Bloody Valentine is a remake of the 1981 low budget horror of the same name. Jensen Ackles stars as Tom, the son of a mining tycoon, who returns to the town exactly ten years after the infamous Valentines Day massacre that saw one of the mines employees ultimately [...]

It’s a shame, really. On paper, this film has an interesting concept. Famous and eccentric bajillionaire amusement park tycoon Stephen Price (har-de-har-har) invites a handful of strangers to spend the night in an abandoned insane asylum, with the incentive of a million dollars if they can survive until daybreak. He hands them loaded guns and [...]

The title of this simmering revenge tale refers to the beloved dog of Avery Ludlow (Brian Cox), a present from his, now deceased, wife and his best and most loyal friend in the World. Through a brief introduction we are given a glimpse at their relationship and a set-up to the devastating events that follow. [...]

Trick ‘R Treat has been a long time coming. Originally pencilled in for an October 2007 release, it was pulled by the production company before ever being shown theatrically. There were rumours abound that it would have a Halloween 2008 release but again, nothing emerged. Two years later and it’s finally being granted a Halloween [...]

Mel and Jules have just returned from a girly holiday in Mexico. They are tired and irritable and just want to collect their luggage, leave the airport and go home. It’s this desire to get home as soon as possible that lands them on a shuttle bus which just so happens to be driven by [...]

Starring Bobbi Sue Luther and written and directed by her husband Robert Hall, Laid To rest begins in a funeral home, specifically within a coffin, where a young woman (Luther) has just woken up with no memory of herself or her former life. Within seconds of emerging from the coffin, she is faced with a [...]

Wilderness is a harsh, nasty little horror film that, despite a number of weaknesses, is hugely enjoyable. It takes a simple premise and fills it with enjoyable characters and inventive turns that keep you engaged throughout. A decent British horror film that packs a brutal punch. The plot is relatively simplistic – in a juvenile [...]

The words “A WWE Production” do nothing to inspire confidence in See No Evils potential audience unless of course, the audience is comprised entirely of die hard ‘wrestling’ fans. Being about as far from a die hard ‘wrestling’ fan as it’s possible to get, I wasn’t entirely sure what See No Evil would involve. Starring [...]