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Written by long-time Troma collaborator and actor; Trent Haaga, and directed by Marcel Sarmiento and Gadi Harel, this twisted tale gives us an entirely unique take on the zombie sub-genre. Rickie and J.T. are High School students, kept on the outskirts of all their contemporaries’ cliques by both their poor social standing and J.T’s hatred [...]

On an island, somewhere off the Cornish coast, there was a farm. On that farm, there was a family; Giles and Gretta MacDonald and their three children; Ronald, Ronald and Ronnie MacDonald. When the family’s goat stops producing milk one day, Gretta orders Giles to take it to the mainland and find it a stud [...]

The Last House On The Left has had an unfortunate life. Refused release and banned in a multitude of countries, only very recently becoming available in it’s most uncut form. I say it’s unfortunate because due to the notoriety it’s gained through rumours and reputation, many people will be expecting a much better, probably much [...]

Its day four in the big horror house, and I am starting to look like an extra from La Horde. I’ve been flagging for a few days but Jesus, this is looking ropey. I swear I won’t fall asleep during any more movies.

Pin is a taut, psychologically challenging movie that centers around a family, the heads of which are a strict disciplinarian and an obsessive compulsive, respectively. The Father is a Doctor who uses his ventriloquism skills to personify an anatomically-correct, life-sized medical dummy; Pin (short for Pinocchio), in an effort to teach his children important life [...]