Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 (1987)

How many movies can you think of that paved the way for a genuine Youtube sensation? Not that many, surely. Well the seemingly endless amount of Garbage Day spoofs, skits and remixes just go to prove that this flick made a massive impact on people, for all the wrong reasons. There are tonnes of other moments in this movie that could have been picked out and put on a platform for internet types (like me) to throw their rotting veggies at while chuckling inanely.

I would be lying if I said there was anything inherently good about this movie. The acting is atrocious, particularly from lead actor Eric Freeman, who appears to have two flavour settings: ham and turkey. The dialogue is laughably bad; it is pretty difficult to write dialogue this bad without actually trying to. Even the worst scribe can happen across something real every now and then; the writers of this don’t. It is just one piece of poor, expository dialogue after another, with a few ridiculous one liners thrown in for bad measure. And don’t get me started on the fact that the first forty minutes or so is just recycled footage from the preceding movie in the series. It riles me up just thinking about it. Evil Dead 2 managed to re-capture the whole of the first movie in just a few minutes so why does it need to eat up half the running time explaining that Ricky’s brother was a psycho Santa who saw his parents slain by a different psycho Santa? It really shouldn’t. How about the fact that at one point during the movie Ricky and his best girl go to watch Silent Night, Deadly Night? How is that for continuity confusion? I can’t even begin to get my head around that!

Silent Night, Deadly Night was no masterpiece, by anyone’s standards, but the lengthy sections procured from the previous instalment scattered through this film make it look almost Spielbergian in comparison. So, add the horrible direction to the terrible acting, multiply it by the shocking script and you get a total turkey, right? Wrong! The whole viewing experience of this flick is joyous. There are so many moments of pure bad movie bliss that it is easy to see why Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is discussed alongside Troll 2 in the best-worst movie stakes. Take Ricky’s voice for instance, it’s almost Walken-esque in its insanity, rising and falling but always shouting. It makes every scene a keeper. The famous Garbage Day scene, despite having seen it around a thousand times, still manages to tickle my mirth gland. It is just one of those movie moments that stays with you, maybe not in the same part of your brain as that scene with De Niro bothering chicken embryos with that manicure but it is in there, rattling around and making you laugh at the wrong moment. Like I said before, there are loads of moments in the movie that illicit a very similar effect; the scene where a girl dies while staring directly into the camera, the whole axe-wielding-nutter versus wheelchair-bound-nun…it is all comedy gold.

The thing that makes the bad flicks so watchable is that while you are deriding all of the obvious faults of said flick, it is never dull. The pacing is pretty top notch and you are never far away from another scene of failed horror mixed with unintentional laughter, and that is what Silent Night Deadly Night 2 is all about. Now, I’m not suggesting you watch and enjoy this on your own or with family, but get a few of your more sarcastic mates around (or plastic robots, if you got ‘em), crack open some tinnies and let the laughter roll all over you.

Rating: ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆

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