Humanoids From The Deep (1996)

Living in a coastal town is difficult. You have the seasonal trade to worry about, flash floods can be a problem and fishing isn’t without its perils, TV’s Deadliest Catch can attest to that. But those are just the standard day to day problems of living on Amity Island or the nameless shore town in this Corman produced TV remake of the 1980’s creature feature, you also have to worry about killer creatures from the briny depths killing your pals and stealing your women.

There isn’t an awful lot to keep you hooked into this relative snorefest despite the presence of cult favourite Clint Howard (brother of Ron), vengeful nerd Robert Carradine (half brother of David) and former Dynasty beaut’ Emma Samms. The acting is as bad, if not worse, than other standard TV movie fare without even a hint of camp to inject some fun into it. The plot plods along like its antagonists, twisting the events before it to suit the half-realised narrative while providing the bare minimum of shocks, scares and gore. It really is baffling that this got an R rating on release in the US as there really is nothing to satiate the appetite of a gore-hound or horror fiend.

The plot follows Wade Parker, hard-line father, on a quest to find his missing daughter who is presumed murdered by her activist boyfriend, all while townsfolk are getting attacked by “sharks”. Does this have anything to do with the crap some local fishermen are dumping in the water to make a few extra bucks on the side? Probably.

Corman is famous for his shoot-em-fast-n-cheap productions, and this is no exception. It was clearly filmed on a budget that was low enough to drag down production values, but high enough for you to expect better, the bulk of which evidently went on the monster costumes, which are, admittedly, quite good. There is some decent use of locations in this movie, which I suspect is the reason it got made at all. The underwater cave is a particular high point.

Some careful and considered Spielbergian direction would have been nice, instead of having the humanoid creatures thrust in your face smashing any of the would-be tension into oblivion. In fact, the film is vastly under-directed and spends most of its 85 minute running time dragging its heels through a number of excitement stifling set pieces as it lurches towards the inevitable final showdown.

I wouldn’t really recommend it to anyone, as it did literally nothing for me. I am all for low-grade crap, but this flick was a grade too low and far too crappy.

Rating: ★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

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  1. Ace says:

    Stick with the original. This is lame.

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